Call for the development of an artistic project: Art and Geology



La Posta Foundation – Image research laboratory, has always paid special attention to artistic projects that put the focus on the territory and the landscape. Sometimes the most immediate territory (the Carmen neighborhood itself) and other times with a broader perspective. Sometimes with a more anthropological content and other times focusing attention on the landscapes. Among other projects developed, we can refer, at the very origin of the La Posta Foundation, to the exhibition curated by Juan Fabuel “The Invisible Resistance of the Everyday Life I: Reify”, which included a videographic work by Regina de Miguel “Knowledge never comes alone” (2013), which focused attention on the Atacama Desert (Chile), incorporating knowledge from archaeology, ethnology, cosmology, etc. [see here]; and in the last 2022-2023 season, the project “Ecology, the necessary evil”, by Janice Martins Appel and Domingo Mestre (2-Headed Serpent), which has brought to La Posta remembrances of the landscapes of Río Grande (Brazil) and Alginet (Valencia), that intertwine like a 2-headed snake [see here]. In between, we cannot fail to mention the project “Operating around displacement”, developed in collaboration with the Master in Photography, Art and Technique UPV, a collective exhibition with works by Anaïs Florin and Francisco Navarrete Sitja, which put the focus on attention, respectively, in the Huerta de València and Invernada and San Dionisio (Chile), in particular attention is focused on population displacements caused by the construction of large infrastructure works [see here]. And, likewise, we have to refer to the project that, having been promoted by the UPV Art and Environment Research Center: Inner Nature, was an international project in which the La Posta Foundation participated from the beginning with the selection of the videographic works that would be in the traveling exhibition that traveled through various Spanish cities, as well as Puerto Rico, the USA, the United Kingdom, Finland and France. An exhibition focused on the problem of water, with works from all over the world [see here and here].

It should be noted that experience shows us that approaches to the territory and landscape are almost always transdisciplinary, so that all the activities carried out have shown ―in general― to incorporate knowledge from other areas of knowledge, and many times developed in groups or coming into contact with local groups.

In this regard, it must be taken into account that addressing artistic projects in the field of territory and landscape cannot be alien to taking into consideration the populations that inhabit them and their specific circumstances. That is, we are interested in cultural landscapes, those that confront human activity with the characteristics of the environment, highlighting all existing contradictions.

Finally, in order not to get lost in the immensity of the sea and the territory, and taking into account that the idea is to hold a call of these characteristics every year, it seems advisable to limit the scope of the works that can be presented, with the aim, also, of making it feasible to carry out a comparison between those who present themselves, in order to choose one (even if it refers to a group). For this reason, we have seen fit to limit the call minimally, referring to the fact that it is aimed at groups of artists who, operating in the field of landscape and territory, place particular emphasis on aspects related to geology and geomorphology (in In subsequent years, new calls will be added to the present one ─which will be maintained─, in which reference will be made to other sciences of the territory and the landscape).

As for the media, all those that are currently being used by contemporary art fit, from Site Specific, to direct interventions in the territory and landscape (in this case, the development of the project would include the documentation of those works for exhibition at the La Posta Foundation, through photography, video, vestiges of the intervention, objects found that characterize the territory and landscape, etc.). In that sense, the call welcomes art that uses science (from investigations into the behavior of new materials, to the search for inspiration in geology and geomorphology), as well as art about science (scientific dissemination through artistic experiences). and art as a scientific instrument.

Precisely, the Geological and Mining Bulletin for the first quarter of 2023 offers a broad overview of “Geology in Art”, although it does not exhaust the field of the call as proposed.

Foto_portada BGM 134-1 recortado

The Geological and Mining Bulletin monographic issue dedicated to “Geology in art”, March 2023, a summary can be read in English here


The purpose of the Art and Geology call is to promote creative projects led by artists that involve the active participation of groups ─formal or informal─, open to collaboration with other fields of knowledge and other professional fields, such as experimentation with ceramics (even with a 3D printer), interventions in the territory (e.g.: Geological Interpretation Points), participation in restoration plans for mining operations, restoration of assets of cultural interest (local historical sites, etc.), etc.


Artists who promote creation processes led by an artist or group of artists can apply for this call.

They can be presented under one’s own name or under a pseudonym.

Likewise, entities can be presented in which the indicated characteristics occur.

The main disciplines of the projects presented may be plastic arts, photography, video, music and sound art, electronics and digital art, expanded sculpture, action, documentation, with multidisciplinary proposals being positively valued.

Only one project can be submitted to this call.


The following aspects and characteristics of the proposals will be favorably evaluated:

  • - That the artist or artists leading the proposal can develop it in terms of artistic excellence, working as a team and promoting horizontal cooperation with groups or professionals.
  • - That it is an artistic process of new creation.
  • - That the activity is based on an objective identification of needs, and that these needs define and justify their reason. So that it opens up professional perspectives.
  • - That a dissemination and communication plan appropriate to the proposal be contemplated.
  • - That collaborations be contemplated with cultural or artistic institutions or entities that promote networking and the creation of alliances.
  • - That a coordinated intervention be proposed with social entities in the territory.
  • - That the activity is developed in contexts where there is no experience in the use of art and culture as tools of social intervention.
  • - That the proposal presented incorporates the gender perspective in its methodology, content, objectives, activities, target population and/or values it promotes.
  • - That the project incorporates the environmental perspective, including measures that minimize negative impacts on the environment.

La Posta Foundation will grant the selected project:



2) basic services:

– Opening of the room from Wednesday to Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This for the exhibition, and for assembly and work in general as agreed.

– Preparation of posters for the dissemination of the exhibition (if it is not the artists themselves who want to create their own poster).

– Dissemination of news about the exhibition on the La Posta website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

– Curating the exhibition if the artists request it.

– Photo report. Videographic documentation to be agreed.

– Cutting vinyl to place on the wall with the name of the exhibition, etc.

– Drinks for the inauguration.

3) for the assembly of the exhibition: plans with the different configurations of the room and a list of the equipment available for the assembly.


The request must be submitted by email to:

The information requested for the presentation of the project is structured in the following sections:

  • - Presentation letter
  • - Project description
  • - Participants and roles
  • - Budget

All documentation must be delivered in electronic format. Images and video can be included, even through links.

Mandatory documentation:

  • - Curriculum of all artists involved in the project.
  • - Sample of the artistic work previously developed (with photographs, videos and/or audios, texts, etc., incorporating them into the dossier or, preferably, through a link to the web or the cloud). This material will be used exclusively to assess and guarantee the professionalism and artistic quality of the work carried out by the project artists. Your courage to take risks and your willingness to venture into unexplored territories will be especially valued.

Optional documentation:

This documentation will not be mandatory, but will be taken into account and scored favorably in the evaluation process:

  • - Agreements or collaboration with other cultural and/or artistic institutions or entities.
  • - Artistic material that shows artistic processes and projects developed in the key of social intervention.

Request must be completed with all the information referred to in this call and must be submitted before the end date of the call.

The deadline for project submission is from October 1 to November 1, 2023.


The evaluation system for the projects presented will assess two questions:

  1. Artistic evaluation (represents 60% of the final score): the Board of Trustees of the La Posta Foundation will evaluate the methodology of the project and the career of the artist, according to the requirements and criteria specified in sections 3 and 4 of these bases.
  2. Technical and social evaluation (represents 40% of the final score): the Board of Trustees of the La Posta Foundation will evaluate the ability to reach agreements or develop collaboration processes with groups or professionals that provide the project with a social or technical dimension, according to the requirements and criteria specified in sections 3 and 4 of these bases.

The Board of Trustees of La Posta Foundation It is composed of:

President: Natividad Navalón Blesa

Member: Isabel Tejeda Martín

Secretary: Guillem Cervera Pascual


The resolution will be communicated during the month of November 2023 to the group, artists or requesting entity by email. The resolution of the call will be final.


La Posta Foundation and the group or artists or entity with an approved project will sign a collaboration agreement subject to current legislation and which will end on December 31, 2024. This document will specify the rights and obligations of both parties, and, among other points will include the following:

  • - Start and end period of the agreement
  • - Amount of aid granted
  • - Way to pay
  • - Monitoring of the project and form of collaboration between both parties to better achieve the objectives.
  • - Economic justification of the project execution expenses for which assistance from the La Posta Foundation is requested within the maximum set in the call.

The amount of the aid granted will be paid, in terms of fixed aid, into an account owned by the artist who leads the group, once the development of the project has been completed under the terms of the agreement. Regarding production expenses, within the established maximum, they will generally be paid directly to the professional or company that provides the services or supplies the materials, upon presentation to the La Posta Foundation of the corresponding budget for approval.

Participants must take into account that the execution of the project and the exhibition of the results should preferably occur in the month of February-March 2024.

It must be taken into account that it will be necessary to notify the La Posta Foundation of any changes that occur in the approach or execution of the approved proposal. If any relevant change or modification not previously communicated is detected, the proposal will be invalidated until the change has been correctly justified.

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For questions related to this call, you can contact:

La Posta Foundation. Image research laboratory

+34630542624 (preferably by WhatsApp)